How to scan a paper onto a mac

Learn how to scan from your scanner or multi-function printer to your Mac with Image Capture. Scan documents, photos, and even ID cards.
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A mini-overlay anchored to the insertion point instructs you to take an image or scan a document using your selected iOS device. Take a photo by tapping the shutter button on the iOS device, then choose Use Photo to have it automatically inserted into the document on your Mac, or tap Retake to take a better one. The interface provides basic shooting features, including enabling flash, switching between the front and rear camera and using optical or digital zoom.

How to set up a scanner on your Mac computer and use it to scan documents

When using an iOS device as a document scanner, position the document in the viewfinder and hit the shutter button, then drag near corners to adjust the crop. Got stuck?

Scanning and Saving Documents as PDF files using Mac Computer

This happens without the need to sync or manually transfer anything between devices. Position the document on the scanner according to your scanner's specifications. Close the lid. Scan the document. This can be done in one of two ways. Most scanners have a scan button. If the scanner you are using does not have a scan button, or the scan button is not working, you can scan the document from the computer.

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Open the software that you installed for your device and click "Scan. Import the document. A scan only gives you an on-screen preview of the document. You still need to import the document and save it on your Mac computer to be able to edit it or send it to someone. Again, how you import a document will be based on the software that you installed for your device. Most software has an import button located somewhere near the scan button. He's also written for MacRumors and Realtor.

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Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever. For your favorite third-party apps, look for updates from the developers. In your document, place the cursor at the point where you want the photo to be placed. Right-click or tap with two fingers on the Trackpad.

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  • A pop-up menu will appear. Select Take Photo. IDG 4.

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