Mctivia wireless pc or mac to tv instructions

McTiVia User's Manual. 1 McTiVia Windows®/Mac® device You can also try setting up McTiVia as a wireless client to your home AP via AP- Connect the HDMI output on the McTiVia device to your TV, and turn on your.
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I found a display setting of by looked the best on the plasma TV attached to the McTivia.

5 Ways to Stream from PC to TV or Digital Display

If you want to make other video adjustments you can. McTivia additionally includes a USB port on the back. You use this to attach a mouse or keyboard or both by chaining them together.

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Used in this way you can have your computer in another room yet still control it from in front of your TV. McTivia has two display modes—one for applications and another for video.

Would You Pay $6,000 For Vision-Quality VR?

The applications setting is for when you require better response. I played Angry Birds on my Mac Pro with a wired connection and found it easy to do when choosing this setting. How good the picture looks on your TV depends on a couple of factors. You can do something about this by dialing down the quality settings on the unit so that you improve latency, but then the picture quality suffers. Otherwise, McTivia works as advertised. Audio and video were completely in sync when I played movies and games and I was able to use a mouse and keyboard that were attached to the unit via USB.

McTiVia - Bring EVERYTHING on your Mac to HDTV without wire

Similarly, I had no problem using a wireless mouse and keyboard that were paired to my Mac. As with many wireless products like this, the suitability of the McTivia depends on how badly you need a wireless or network connection. The appropriateness of a purchase depends entirely on your need for its services. However, if a wireless or networked connection to your TV is your only option, McTivia is worth your consideration.

Beyond cable: Vulkano Flow place-shifting streaming device. Change Apple Watch app grid to list view.

The actual mirroring device, which supports As Awind points out, the best way to proceed is to use Ethernet to connect the McTiVia box to your computer. This will produce the zippiest data speeds and throughput. Of course you can also connect your McTiVia to an Ethernet router and then access it wirelessly from your computer.

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And if you abhor wires, each device can simply use Wi-Fi to speak to each other. While streaming boxes like the Apple TV and Roku 2 at least have some level of straightforwardness to them, the McTiVia required over an hour of tinkering on my part to get it to work properly. Then it was off to download a patch as well as a new version of said software from Awind's site. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning. I also had to muck around with audio, video and wireless settings for another 45 minutes just to get my laptop screen to display properly on the TV.

Out of curiosity, I tried both the wired and wireless setups and found the latter to be virtually unusable and the former only adequate — not good for a device whose main selling point hinges on wireless connectivity. The MirrorOp software you install has an annoying habit of reformatting your computer screen's resolution each time you connect to your TV.

McTiVia Wireless PC or MAC to TV (up to 8 computers) Reviews

If you don't like that default resolution I didn't you'll have to change it on both your TV and computer. I finally settled on x, which seemed like the best compromise for my plasma. Once things were up and running, there was little pay off for all that effort.

Add to that the fact that many of my iTunes-purchased movies and TV shows wouldn't display, and I was pretty much ready to throw in the towel after 90 minutes. Here's the thing: Whether it's the somewhat comical grammatical errors on the FAQ page and quick installation guide or the temperamental software setup, the McTiVia just isn't as polished as other streaming options. This left me wondering not only how it managed to win the Best in Show award at Macworld , but also why the device exists in the first place.

After all, TVs — typically "lean back devices" — aren't that exciting as computer monitors anyway, which is really the main thing a McTiVia does at this point. Yes, you can use a wireless keyboard and mouse to control things, but the UI experience on a PC doesn't really translate to bigger screens. And while it's certainly nice to occasionally beam your desktop to a bigger screen, building an entire product around this one feature and then charging twice as much for it as other streaming boxes is perhaps not the way to go.

Don't get me wrong, not everything in life needs to work seamlessly or install in one minute. I'm all for putting in a little extra elbow grease to squeeze some extra usefulness out of something.

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But in this case, all that effort produced was and an uncontrollable urge to switch back to another streaming device. Comes with a USB port for hooking up a mouse or keyboard.